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Roll-Up ECAIA products

Large, man-sized SANUSLIFE advertising banner (850 x 2000 mm), presenting ECAIA products, ideal for display at trade fairs.

  • With the ECAIA products
  • Ideal for presenting the ECAIA product range
  • Printed on PVC canvas (500 g)
  • One-item orders are accepted

  • FREE €55.00 2,052.36 SAC +2,750.00 SC
  • BASIC €55.00 2,052.36 SAC +2,750.00 SC
  • PREMIUM €52.25 1,949.74 SAC +5,500.00 SC
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Essential for anyone wanting to present a professional appearance and demeanor at trade shows. The eye-catching banner displays the ECAIA products convincingly with a large-format display.
Ideal for presenting the major ECAIA products. Made of silver-colored, powder-coated aluminum, the SANUSLIFE roll-up is delivered already mounted, in an elegant transport bag.

A tip: Ideal to use in combination with the “Properties of Water“ roll-up banner to present the ECAIA properties in a convincing, easy-to-understand and appropriate manner.

Product details:
PVC canvas (550 g), 4/0-colors (printed on one side only, with the CMYK color scheme), for interiors, aluminum frame, two retractable stabilizer feet, furnished fully assembled with a black transport bag.

Includes a roll-up banner showing the ECAIA products, with a black transport bag.


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