ECAIA carafe is more than a common water filter. The mineral water ionizer features a special energizing unit, which is located underneath the carafe. The so-called “energizing plate” contributes to making the water softer and better-tasting.

These images show the water crystals of ECAIA water from the ECAIA carafe and the ECAIA Ionizer S, photographed by Rainer Niederkofler, alternative practitioner from Bruneck (South Tyrol, Italy).

You can buy the book “Song-Crystals” by Ph.D. Rainer Niederkofler in the SANUSSTORE. The book features images of crystals, which were created after sonication of distilled water. Among other things, photographs of crystal images of our products ECAIA carafe and ECAIA ionizer S are immortalized there. These show that the ECAIA water has a nice hexagonal structure.